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Rejected by NAV? Get professional assistance from an experienced legal team

Social welfare is a large and complicated area of law. Social welfare cases against the NAV include disability, youth disability, unemployment benefit, work assessment allowance (AAP), sickness benefit, basic and auxiliary benefit, parental allowance, car and recovery of wrongly paid benefits.

NAV makes several hundred thousand decisions each year. With this volume, case processing errors are not a rarity. Often applications NAV should have granted are rejected. The benefits NAV offers should function as a safety net, and when the safety net fails, this will have major consequences for the person concerned. In other cases, NAV makes payments on the wrong basis that are required to be refunded. Anyone who has received the benefits in good faith can experience this as an unexpected offense. In social welfare cases, therefore, it is very important to review the administration's decision.

We have solid expertise within social welfare law, and assists in the application process or in complaints, if you have been rejected.

Complaint, The National Insurance Court and ordinary lawsuits

The administration of social security benefits lies with the Directorate of Labor and Welfare (NAV). The local NAV office is the point of contact for the users, but most of the applications for social security benefits, except the simpler cases, are decided by NAV Forvaltning, which is a county-level body. If you have been denied your application, you can file a complaint. You must complain within the time limit stated in the decision. This is usually within three weeks of the decision received. Once you have complained, NAV Forvaltning will first reconsider the decision and either grant your application or forward it to the NAV Complaints Office, which is the Labor and Welfare Administration's appeal body.

If you are denied by the NAV Complaints Office, you can appeal to the National Insurance Court, which is a court-like administrative body . The deadline to appeal is six weeks from the date you received the decision from the NAV Complaints Office. The NAV Complaints Office will then re-examine the case and forward it to the National Insurance Court if the decision is upheld.

In complaint cases, you can often be entitled to free legal aid, which means that costs incurred by obtaining assistance to appeal can be covered by the government. We also assist in the application process for free legal aid.

If you do not succeed in the National Insurance Court, you can bring the case to the ordinary court system before the Court of Appeal. This is a time-consuming and costly process, but often the last resort.

Our lawyers specialize in social welfare law, and you can, therefore, be assured that you will receive competent and good assistance from us.

Contact us today to hear how we can help you. We always give you a free assessment of your case.

In complaints cases, you can often be entitled to free legal aid, which means that the costs incurred by obtaining assistance in the appeal can be covered by the government.

We can assist you in the application process for free legal aid.

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